Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Ludwig Goes Pop!

I've just come back from a week off with the whole family in Austria and now I'm sad. The time went by too fast and feels like it was all a dream. U get that don't you? It was so nice to be somewhere that is the polar opposite from here (Cairo). To breath, to walk, to doing things without having to think twice, to blending in...ahh, was lush.

I think Austria is such an over looked country when people think of vacationing in Europe. Most people want to head to the usual Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona but Vienna has it going on! We were in the countryside for most of the time and only got to spend 2 days in Vienna but it seriously had me not wanting to leave! I knew we had a short time there so I had already planned one thing I wanted to do, which was visit a modern art museum. I was not disappointed when we found out there was a pop art exhibition going on in the MOMUK called 'Ludwig Goes Pop' which was his and Irene's personal collection from artists such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenburg and Tom Wesselmann. (Ludwig and Irene were the ones who actually brought the interest in pop art from the USA to mainland Europe). Basically, I was in my happy place. Four floors of paintings, sculpture, collections of iconic objects and installations...

I've been to many exhibitions by these artists but never seen the pieces on display there in the flesh! A real surprising treat! If you're in Vienna and into art, I recommend a visit. Its on til 13th September and is 10 Euros, closest underground station is the Volkstheatre. Ask for the museum quarter and everyone knows, plus you can walk pretty much anywhere and its soooo beautiful! I am definitely planning another trip just for Vienna, who knows what other gems it's hiding?!

Below are some shots I snapped inside the exhibit :)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Artist Profile: Ken Price

Keeping upon the theme of that which my eye is drawn to, I present Mr. Ken Price. Before today, I'd never heard of him but the discovery of his work warranted a deeper search into who this guy was. Born in 1935 in LA, he was mainly a sculpture of brightly coloured, abstract, almost futuristic ceramic pieces. He says his young years growing up on the west coast with a prominent surfing culture, influenced his ideas greatly. However, it is not the sculptures that caught my eye, but his series of drawings. Before he found his love of sculpture, Price was trained in illustration and cartooning, which you will see is evident in the works pictured below. In 2013 a retrospective was held to show these works on paper, named 'Slow and Steady Wins the Race - Works on Paper 1962 - 2010.'

What I personally love is the contrast between the background and foreground, mainly the sky and the land/objects. The skyscapes are so realistic looking, with a soft and dreamy quality, while the foreground is bold, edgy, simple and is where you can see his cartooning come out. It's also interesting to see illustrations of his sculptures either hidden around or taking center stage in some of his drawings. It is yet again, another contrast between his natural looking sky and barren looking land scapes with the odd formations of his abstract sculptures, kind of look out of place or alien world like.

Below are a few of his works that I would love to own! All these paintings are made with acrylic and ink, watercolours or watercolours and ink. I think i'm going to try this technique.

Bad Weather - 2005

Eruption and Lava Flow - 2003

Glass Off - 2001

Hawaiian Hotels - 2000 

Home Sweet Home - 2005

Large Sculpture with Rocks - 2009

Making it living on its own - 2006

Sculpture with Pink Viewing Wall - 2008

The Decline of Southwestern Art - 2006

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Artist Profile: Jorge Santos

My every day is sitting at my desk at work, not much going on, tasks all done and the place is quiet and the only thing to keep me company in my tiny little office is my shitty PC and internet connection. So i'm pretty much surfing the interwebz all day. I go on a thousand art/fashion/culture/film/photography/music sites a day and stream through a plethora of said topics artists, usually passing through and forgetting straight away. When I stumbled on a blog post about Jorge Santos with his paintings posted beneath, it immediately caught me eye. The colours, style, contrast and setting  of each painting is captivating and I could look at each one to try and suss out what he's trying to say, or whether he's trying to say anything in the first place. Most of his paintings have some kind of twisted humorous element, which i really like, along with the fusion of photographic pop art, surrealism and today's recognizable fashion/culture. I just know he's trying to hide or hint at some kind of bizarre secret in each work and would love to pick his brain. 

Santos is Portuguese and moved to America from Angola in 1982 when the country was going through turmoil. He is self taught and exclusively used black and white until 1990, when he introduced a limited colour palette in his works. In 2000, he dramatically changed his approach to colour again, favoring vivid hues. 

 Another Blind Date 2014
 Captains Log 2014
 Eviction Notice 2014
 Frog Kissing 2014
 Love Memo
Love Birds 2014 (the guys expression!) 
Mugger 2014 
 Night Games 2014
Washed Out Memories 2014

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Baby, it's cold inside..

I don't wanna sound all cliche and shit, but seriously, winter is coming. And if last winter was anything to go by, we're in for a freezer this year. You know, the Nile has frozen twice in history and I wouldn't be surprised if this winter would make it the third. 

One of the many good things about living in Egypt is the amount of sun a year we get, which is good cuz seriously, I hate feeling cold. The thing is, i swear, winter here feels colder than in the UK. Its a different kind of cold. That's what I've been telling everyone who looks at me like i'm crazy wearing long sleeve tops and massive cardies/ jackets. They're all like, 'your British, you should be used to it!' which i tell them a. I hate being even slightly cold and b. its a different kinda cold. UK, its like a crisp, fresh coldness on your skin. But here its different, like a desert cold, that gets right into your bones. PLUS in UK you can go back home to your cozy, central heated home. Here, the buildings are designed to keep the cool IN. So you'll find its actually warmer outside than inside. 

So anyway, that brings me to where I am right now. Sitting at work, at my desk, while clutching a scented candle for the only source of warmth. Also wishing that I had all the pieces in the below pix. 

Creatures of Comfort
Gareth Pugh
Haider Ackerman
Sonia Rykiel
Sonia Rykiel
Stella McCartney
Temperley of London - those boots!
The Row - omg YES!
Barbara Bui

*All pix from www.style.com

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I think I've found my new favorite designer! Or designers, in this case. Couple, Rebecca and Vedran, founded their label back in 2010 and named it Riyka. They are London based and make a point to use all of the highest quality fabrics that are locally sourced, recycled and/or organic materials.

Their simple yet edgy designs make use of geometric patterns, as well as vibrant contrasting colours. The laid back but put together look has been speaking to me for a while now. I’m all about casual comfort and the fact that sports lux is a big thing right now makes me happy. I've toned down my wardrobe quite considerably over the past year or two, my eye being drawn to simple shapes and silhouettes with minimal/block colour. It reminds me of my tomboy days and inspires me to getting cracking at my own designs. Seeing Riyka’s AW15 collection gives me the inspiration I need to center on what I really love about clothes. These are timeless and I want every single piece! Surprisingly, they are also quite affordable, ranging from £40 to £150. I like!